Our facilities have been designed to provide you with all the facilities and services available in a large
   corporate environment without:

The financial burden of committing yourself to more space or longer terms than you actually need;
Hiring, supervising, and maintaining your own support personnel;
Leasehold improvements;
Legal costs;
Furniture and equipment;
Wasted personnel costs during slack times; etc.

   At BBES you determine which services you need. Whether you require a private office, team office,
   workstation, telephone service, occasional use of an office, or merely a professional environment in
   which to meet your clients from time to time. BBES has a solution that will fill your needs and suit
   your budget.

   BBES charges on an as used basis for such services as secretarial time, photocopies, postage,
   courier, and other miscellaneous items. You pay only for what you use.

   BBES is located in one of Brampton’s prestigious buildings most of which will not lease to small space
   users. Opening our doors to you allows your company or branch office to be associated with a
   prestigious corporate image at a fraction of the cost.

   Whether you are opening your first office or your tenth, BBES can be your first class alternative to
   traditional office space.

   BBES is designed for small to medium businesses, professionals, or branch offices of large
   corporations. It offers complete flexibility with limited risk. Your office is up and running within days,
   not months.

   For more information, call us at
(905) 454-7902